I am your hostess Tinkerbell.

Congratulations for advancing to Enchanted Valley from Glitter Mountain!
You are well on you way to the tippy top here at Mystical Meadows!

This is the second level of the upper levels.
When you win this level, you will advance to our final level, Dreamy Castle!

Highest scoring member (with 3 self votes) goes to Dreamy Castle
Second highest scoring member STAYS at Enchanted Valley.
All other members go back to FIRST team level.

Good Luck Everyone, and congratulations for making it to the Valley!!
If you have any questions or concerns please just email me using our contact link
and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Voting Times Are: Monday 12:01 am until Thursday 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time

All others will be discarded!
Family Voting is Allowed to a Max. of 3 !Put a check in the box of the Fighter you are voting for,
then enter your email address in the space provided,
and click the Vote button!

You can vote for one Fighter at a time, or as many as you choose.

Each Fighter MUST SELF VOTE at least 3 times a week!

SO please self vote everyone :)

Week of October 30 - November 2, 2017

- Self voted (5 points added per day)

- Reading Team letter (15 points a week)

Team incentive (5 points a week)

Members List Newsletter (10 points a week)

D - Duster Duties (10 points a week)

C - Club News reply (20 points)

- Advance to Dreamy Castle


Vote Competitor Mon Tue Wed Thu Bonus Total
Representing Dreaming of Christmas

Linda's Winter Wonderland

-- -- -- -- -- --

Sams World Christmas

-- -- -- -- -- --
Representing Forever Young

Only the Light

-- -- -- -- -- --
Representing Mischievous Elves

The Faery Pool

-- -- -- -- -- --
Representing Midnight Creatures

Totally Glee

-- -- -- -- -- --

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