Welcome to Summer Fun at Mystical Meadows!

For those of us that just cant live without our competitions during the summer months,
Mystical Meadows has remedied that!

This summer competition will run from July 1st till August 22th!

8 straight weeks.... 7 weeks of competing, then a 1 week final round,
putting the top 2 highest scores of the weeks before against each other.

Being just a little bit different than the "other guys" out there doing a summer competition,
Summer Fun at Mystical Meadows will have accumulative scoring!

Meaning.... scores DO NOT reset at the end of the week as in normal competition.
Scores will be posted daily, yes, but the new week starts out with how ever many votes
you have from the previous week.

Summer Fun is VE.

ALL members can join.

2 Self Votes per week are required. There will be no cheering at Summer Fun.

There are 2 teams.... Sand Lovers and Water Lovers

The highest scoring member from each of the teams, at the end of the 7th week (August 15th)
will compete against each other in the final round August 19 - 22.

So if this sounds like fun, come on and join us!



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