Welcome to The Pet Menagerie!!

I am Lady Starlight, the TL here at The Pet Menagerie.

What is The Pet Menagerie you ask?

The Pet Menagerie is for our furry, feathered, scaly,
and shelled little friends out there.

Whether you be a member of Mystical Meadows or not.

We are open to everyone - whether you are Staff, a fighter,
or a non member of Mystical Meadows.

You may have as many pets as you want to in The Pet Menagerie!



To Join The Pet Menagerie just click the Join Button below.

We WILL NEED a 100x100 size graphic image of your pet(s).

You MUST self vote 3 days per week, at least!

There are no VE/NVE sides.

We are one big Happy Family Here.

ALL PETS start at Level 1 (Rompers) which is our Qualifying Level.
Once you get past this level, you will never come back to it. :-)
(Unless of course you dont self vote the required amount of days for 2 weeks in a row)

Level 2 (Playpen) is our middle level.

The Top 5 from Level 2 move up to Level 3 (Training Days) which is our Final Level.

The Pet who can win 3 weeks in a row at Level 3 will retire and qualify for our
"Pet of the Year" contest which takes place each year in January.

If this sounds like fun, then just Click the Join Button Below.
We would love to have any and all of your wonderful pets!



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