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Mystical Meadows Rules

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mystical-Meadows Competition!

There are only a few simple rules to remember while joining Mystical-Meadows.


1.) No Adult Material. If you have quesitons please email Tinkerbell and we will take a look at your website.

2.) No pornographic sites or links to pornographic sites.

3.) Mystical-Meadows Approved Graphics must be linked to on your index page. This will be checked, if you are found with out your links, your site will be placed on hold. You will then be given two weeks to get it on your site. If by two weeks you don't have the banners up, you will be removed from Mystical-Meadows Competition.

4.) Your team banners must also be placed on your site, at least 2 clicks from your index page. Your team banner must linked to your team pages.

5.) Show respect for our competition and others. This means no bashing of Mystical Meadows or any other competition. This also goes for other people in our competition or others. No bashing of people in Mystical Meadows or at other competitions. If you are found to be doing this, you will be removed from Mystical Meadows.

6.) Your site must have at least 3 pages to be called a website, and You must have a working guestbook that allows HTML on your website.

7.) You will have no copyright infragments and no stealing of other's work. If you use something that belongs to another person please ask permission first.

8.) You are only allowed 8 sites in this whole competition.

9.) No spaming of our members or of other competiton's members.

10.) Link all your images to your server, no bandwidth stealing from us or other sites. Permission from webmaster is ok. If you are found to be doing this, you will be asked to fix the problem. If you are unable to do this, you will be removed.

11.) LOA are allowed. You are allowed to take a two week LOA, if you will be longer than two weeks you need to talk with your team leader. From that point it is all up to them. If you need an extended LOA you may be dropped back down to the lower team levels. LOA's in the Upper Levels ARE allowed for a maximum of 2 weeks without being dropped back to team level. LOAs must be into your team leader by Friday at noon, if you let your team leader know later than that, your site will have to ride out the week.

12.) If you would like to leave Mystical Meadows, you must tell your team leader and let them know asap. You are always welcome to return when you are ready but you will start at the bottom level and re-qualify.

13.) Voting Times are Monday to Thursday, 12:01 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST.

14.) In qualifying levels of the teams you need to vote for yourself at least three times to make it to the next level. If you fail to do so for a total of three weeks you will be removed from the team. Once you move on to the "regular" team levels, you will still need to vote for yourself 2 times a week at least. If you fail to do this, your team leader will contact you. If you still fail to vote for yourself, your team leader will place you on hold. You will have one week on hold and if you don't contact your team leader you will then be removed.

15.) Your site must be accessable to everyone. No members only sites or password protected. We need to be able to see your site to approve it and others need to see your site to vote for it. :)

16.) You may enter up to 3 Family emails that vote from ONE IP adress. All others with the same ip adress will be removed.

17.) Mystical Meadows is all VE, which means you may put your link up at Vote Exchange Boards to gain more votes when playing in these teams.

18.) You may not join this competition without a parents permission if you are under the age of 16. This is of great importance, so please do not try to join without your parents permission prior to the age of 16! Mystical-Meadows will not be reliable for any child that participates, and lies about their age!


Winners of our competitions will receive graphic awards to add to their website. There are no cash prizes awarded here. Mystical-Meadows will not be held responsible for lost votes due to technical difficulties. Mystical-Meadows will not be held responsible for the content on our members websites (although we will try to make everyone obied by our rules of content). Mystical-Meadows has the right to refuse any site from competing without cause. Once a site has won The Best Of The Best Competition, that site will retire in our hall of fame. To read more go to our "Hall of Fame" page. And if they wish to still compete they may start over at their team level again! The Best of The Best winners will receive a special graphic award to add to their website after such victory!


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