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Mystical Meadows Join Application

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mystical-Meadows Competition!
We are a VE competition!

I hope that you find your stay at the Meadows fun & inspiring :0)
Please fill out our Application and join us! I am looking forward to having you....
Sincerely, Tinkerbell

Fill out this form to join Mystical-Meadows. We won't ask personal questions, as you can see there is a part for your birthday, this is just for birthday wishes info. There is no need to put your birth year!

If you are a child or a parent of a child (18 or younger) looking to join this competition, please be sure that no personal information is shared. No one should ever ask a minor for their personal information.

None of our team leaders or the Mystical-Meadows Foundation should ever ask for personal information on anyone, if this does happen, please email Tinkerbell with who asked and what they asked for.

Prizes are Graphics to be placed on your websites only, and these will be sent by email so there is no need for a personal address.

The site that wins the End of the Year tournament will get also a prize.

Check out our teams here!

Mischievous Elves Forever Young
Midnights Creatures Dreaming of Christmas
Pet Menagerie Spirit page Contest

Your Name (or a.k.a.):
Your Email:
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Who Referred You?:
Birthdate (Month & Date Please)

Which team would you like to join?:
Have you been in comps before?:


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