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Mystical Meadows Competition


Last Updated: August 8, 2012

As of today Mystical-Meadows could use the following staff to help out.


Assistant Team Leaders

Job Description: You will be helping the team's Team Leader when they are not available. Sometimes their computers may be down, or they may be on a short vacation, or a family member may be ill. Many circumstances can come up for Team Leaders and it is important that each team has an Assistant Team Leader to help out.

FTP, Front Page or other HTML Editor or page coding knowledge, and html skills, able to make Graphic Awards.

Your task will be to count votes, post scores daily. You must be in contact with your team members and keep them updated on a weekly basis. You must welcome new members to your team, update rosters every Friday and update voting pages and put them online by Sunday. It is also your responsibility to test your voting page before Monday Voting begins! If this sounds like something that might interest you, please join us:)



Job Description: You will need to visit each week another team to wish them good luck.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please join us:)



Your Name (or a.k.a.):
Your Email:
Your Site Name:
Your Site URL:
Who Referred You?:
Birthdate (Month then Date Please, no year needed if over age 17!!) If you are under age 17, I will need an email from your parent giving permission for you to enter this competition before your application is processed:

Which position would you be applying for?:

Have you helped in comps before?:

Please tell us about your experiences (HTML, FTP, etc)::

Thank You!!


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