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Through a survey members and staff have requested scheduled times off every month for a week:)
The Monthly closing will be every last full week of the month.

Closed every Friday.

Closed last week in the month,
every month Unless Otherwise noted!

** Closing Scedule 2015**

January 26th - 29th

February 23th - 26th

March 23th - 26th

April 27th - 30th

May 25th - 28th

** Site of the Year **

normal competition is closed

June 15 - 18 and 22 - 25


June 26th - September 3rd

Start again September 7th

September No closing

October 26th - 29th

November 23th - 26th

December 21th - January 3st 2016

If you have any questions about this schedule of closings, please contact Tinkerbell.
Thank you!


(Please take note that additional dates may be added depending on the needs of our staff!)


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